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SquadXML what is it?

To support the multiplayer community in their effort to play as teams, it's possible to create a common information file - the "squad.xml" -, which is loaded by the ArmA game server, if a member of this team is playing on it. Beside detailed informations about the single player and its team, the feature supports also a common logo, which will be displayed on vehicles, if such team has boarded it.

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Native .paa fileformat

For a logo without transparency you can use an ordinary JPG without further treatment. To get transparency you'll have to convert a TGA to PAA format. Its always recommended to use PAA and to avoid alpha blending..

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Automatic conversion

squadXML consists of 2 parts, the actual XML which contains your squad and player information, and a logo. This logo needs to be in a special format to be displayed ingame on vehicles.

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Free SquadXML hosting

To get your SquadXML working ingame, the XMLfile and the logo need to be available on the internet. For this you need some webspace where you can host your squadXML files. We provide hassle free XML hosting

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Manage & Edit online

Your squadXML can be created by hand, which need a little knowledge of XML. In our system, you dont have to edit or upload anything if you would like to add or remove a user.. .

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Any design

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